You Find What You Seek

Do you ever wake up some mornings absolutely hating the world for no good reason? Like, if that plot-line from Armageddon had been real, you’d be all Team Asteroid and rooting against Bruce and Ben? Sometimes the coffee helps a little, but then you walk out the door and you’re certain that society has lost its ever-loving mind and everyone is selfish and self-absorbed and rude and greedy and has nothing but ill-intentions for you and your now empty cup of coffee. 

Do you ever wake up some mornings absolutely loving everything for no good reason? Like, you truly believe that the plot-line of ANY Hallmark movie is definitely plausible. And when you walk out the door you’re certain there are no more political parties and everyone is honest and good and recycles and adopts homeless pets and uses their turn signals and wants to be nice and hold hands and skip.

I have a theory that most of our Good Days and Bad Days are based largely on what we decide we’re looking for that day.

Sure, there are plenty of extenuating circumstances (I didn’t say it was a perfect theory).

There are times when life throws you nothing but the proverbial lemons and you’re just ducking and dodging and trying to avoid being beaned in the head, daring someone to tell you to “make lemonade” so you can go all Beyonce on them. (It’s hard to find Good on those days.)

Likewise, there are times when life is just one big bowl of ice-cream and you’re swimming in a calorie-free-but-still- delicious hot fudge sundae of happiness. (It’s hard to believe that Bad days even exist.)

In general, however, if we go out into the world LOOKING for reasons to be mad, we’re going to find them. If we go out into the world LOOKING for reasons to be happy, we’re going to find them as well. It’s such a simple concept but one I sometimes struggle to remember. Maybe because my mood pendulum tends to swing in a particular direction. Maybe because it’s sometimes fun to be bitter and snarky. Maybe because finding The Good is sometimes more work.

But reasons are not excuses.

We find what we seek.

What are you looking for today?

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