Day 8: My Own Celebrations

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I don’t know if I’m just feeling uninspired today, or if the choices of what to celebrate are simply lacking. I mean, it’s a toss up between National Octopus Day and Squirrel Awareness Month (not to be confused with Squirrel Appreciation Day in January, mind you). One’s icky. One’s cute. Moving on.

I wonder if the Universe decided that since October 8th is the birthday of Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, that people would be far too busy binge-watching their favorite television shows in his honor and would have no time to celebrate anything else.

Who knows. I don’t have Netflix so that option is off the table.

Instead, I’m declaring we (unofficially) make 10/8 the “What Has Made Me Happy Today” day.

fall collageSo today I am celebrating the following:

– good hair days and plaid ponchos
– purple chairs
– grilled cheese and tomato soup
– pretty mums and pretty prints
– perfect fall evenings with perfect fall skies

I suppose if you really insist on celebrating one of the more “official” holidays (and I use that term loosely because, well, Squirrel Awareness), here’s a nice little article – complete with pictures – courtesy of The Washington Post who have listed their “favorite tentacle stories of the year”. The internet really does have everything.

I’d love to hear what you would put on your “What Has Made Me Happy Today” list. Happy celebrating and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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