Day 8: My new favorite place on earth

Day 8 was another long travel day – – but the scenery was beautiful and made the time go by quickly. These are the Taurus Mountains.


Destination…Antalya, and without a doubt my new, favorite place in the entire world.

hotelSituated in the southern part of Turkey along the Mediterranean, Antalya is worlds away from the chaos of Istanbul and the dry, sandy Capadoccia region. It’s warm, – – borderline tropical. The streets are lined with orange trees and brightly covered flowers. There are mazes and mazes of narrow roads and walkways lined with cafes and restaurants and antique shops. Local craftsmen set up shop in the most random of places, joking and laughing with their fellow peddlers as they precariously balance peg boards full of jewelry and scarves. They are all extremely friendly, but not pushy, and they show great pride in showing you what they have to sell. And just about anywhere you are, you can smell the sea. . . it’s simply. . . enchanting? That’s the best word I know to describe it.

We stayed in an old, sprawling house that had been renovated into a hotel. It came with beautifully squeaky stairs and rosebud curtains and a courtyard full of orange trees.



antaly3Dinner that night was at a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean. It was perfect weather, delicious *fresh* seafood, beautiful scenery, and my first taste of a beer that I actually enjoyed. I’m holding that gigantic mug up quite proudly. . . my award for answering a trivia question back on day 6, compliments of our guide. In case you’re ever asked what the underground city of Kaymakli used for light . . the answer is linseed oil.  You’re welcome. 🙂

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