Celebrating Pet Peeves Week

Hello, October 14th, I’ve been looking forward to you. Why? Because this week is Pet Peeves Week and if ever there was a topic to write extensively about, this would be it.

What does that say about me? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m embracing my inner curmudgeon. All I know is there is plenty of fodder for this post and it will take a substantial amount of willpower to keep from writing a Tolstoy-length book on this subject. For sanity’s sake, I will keep it to my Top Eight   Ten   Twelve  Sixteen.

(For future reference, consider the picture below to be my reaction to every single item on this list.)

really gif


  1. People who don’t return their shopping carts and leave them to roll around the parking lot, unfettered.
  2. People who use the letter “k” in place of the word “OK”. It’s just one extra letter. Really, people?
  3. On TV shows when the characters are carrying plastic coffee cups that are clearly empty. Nobody is sloshing around a hot cup of Joe like that.
  4. Passive aggressive posts on Facebook.
  5. Passive aggressive posts about people posting passive aggressive posts on Facebook.
  6. Me, because I just did both.
  7. Paper money that isn’t stacked face-up and facing the same direction.
  8. Sites that require my password to have a capital letter, a number, a special character, a wing-ding, three different emoticons, and a blood sample.
  9. The fact that my front windshield wipers and my rear windshield wipers can’t swipe in-sync. Bye, bye, bye.
  10. Those people who, at the end of a class or a meeting and everybody is more than ready to go, decides that, yes, they DO have one last question.
  11. Those people who sit right.beside.you in a waiting area when there are a dozen other seats available.
  12. The fact that no matter what I’m doing or how long it’s been since I’ve last watched an episode, the “Three’s Company” theme song pops into my head at any given moment and stays there for the next two days. Stop knocking on my door.

  13. People who ask questions during a movie. (*cough, cough…Megan…*)
  14. And speaking of movies, missing the previews when going to the theater. I love the previews and it ruins my whole movie-going experience if I miss them.
  15. People who walk into Walmart and then proceed to stand in the entrance way like they’re confused and they don’t know where to go, blocking the flow. C’mon, it’s Walmart. This can’t be your first rodeo. Get a cart and keep moving.
  16. Drivers who can’t seem to remember that a turn lane is just that: A turn lane.

Are you convinced I’m just a miserable old crank now? I can assure you… I am sometimes. 😉 Just kidding. Don’t forget, I did write a post about things that make me happy not too long ago. But this week is all about Pet Peeves and I must honor that.

What are your biggest pet peeves? How do you deal with them?


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