Day 11: Remiss

Well, I’ve been completely remiss and if I’m measuring success by following this list to the letter, I’ve already failed. Blog daily? Who was I kidding? And would I really have something interesting enough to write about each day? Probably not. Therefore I am revising #26 to from “daily” to “weekly”. Much more manageable.

I am happy to report that number 13 can officially be checked off the list! After spending about 40 minutes signing a stack of papers (its height was what I imagine the original manuscript of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire looked like), I’ve been granted the privilege of making a monthly mortgage payment for the next 30 years. “Hoo-ray”. But aside from that unfortunate part of the arrangement, I’m tickled pink. Or should I say blue -which is the color of my new casa- a cute little blue and white bungalow style abode with lots of windows, hardwood floors, a pretty deck, and a fenced in yard to keep my wanderin’ boys corralled. With lots (and I mean LOTS) of help, I am packed up and moved in and somewhat settled. Never mind the spare room that’s still filled to the brim with unsorted boxes. It will be an ongoing project for the next days/weeks/months.

As to the other items, number 1 is in progress and I’ve added the first Godfather movie to my Netflix queue. The Milford library is having a book discussion on “The Zoo Keeper’s Wife” in September. I don’t think it’s officially a “club” but it’s close enough. Now I just need to find a copy. Ironically, all the copies are checked out. And speaking of books, I’ve started “Madam Bovary” for number 22. Actually, restarted. I began a few years ago and for whatever reason didn’t finish it. I’m using this list: The Guardian’s “100 Best Books of all Times“. Any recommendations based on it?

Current stats: 1 down, 29 to go and 345 days to do them in.

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  1. Erica August 6, 2012 at 3:25 am

    I loved “The Odyssey” but I’m strange, lol! Good luck with your list. BTW, I’ve seen all the Godfather movies multiple times, they are my favorites….could not tell you why though….odd choice really but for some reason I really like them.

  2. Josh Mast August 6, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Blogging Weekly…much more manageable…not that I can talk. I just wrote my first blog post in over 2 years!


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