Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of cyber-space. I’m not sure what brings you to this site but I’m very glad you’re here!

My name is Jenny – chief (non-expert) blogger here at Oh Yays! I am an appreciator of all things Nutella, good books, Tina Fey, iced Americanos, Harry Potter, and snow. I hate to fly but I love to travel. I have the two cutest nieces in the world. (It’s true, I’ve asked around.) I’m sometimes crunchy (Essential Oils user alert), sometimes snarky (with an RBF to match), and sometimes an INFP who wants to be around people. I’m a dog mom to two, a cat mom to three, and discovering that my own version of happiness doesn’t need to match everyone else’s.

Topics I may blog about: Books. Friendships. Faith. Food. Relationships. Lack of relationships. People who drive you to drink. Favorite travel destinations. Least favorite travel experiences. My dogs. My cats. My fear of being eaten by cats if I die alone. Being healthy. Finding joy. Finding laughter. Being content. It’s basically a free-for-all, but I try to keep somewhat organized.

I hope you’ll find something here that interests you, inspires, you, teaches you, or most importantly – makes you laugh. Because a day without laughter is like… well, I can’t remember how that saying goes, but I’m pretty certain it doesn’t end with “rainbows and chocolate fountains”. (But wouldn’t that be freaking awesome?)

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Happy reading!


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